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SHADES OF DARKNESS: The ‘Darkness’ Series – Ontario

Painting For Our Valued Canadian Wildlife

Flora, Fauna, the Wilderness…Spectacular in its simplest form – Magnificent in its complexity. While many are often concerned about the plight of wildlife around the world – we sometimes lose sight of those beautiful creatures and all things Nature – right in our own backyard.

I am pleased to present my newest art collection of our precious Ontario Endangered Species and Species At Risk, as I have interpreted their vulnerability in a special, yet dramatic form…

NOTE: Some images below show a portion of the complete painting. Full painting and details will be provided for individual works as each becomes available for purchase.

To enquire about our Endangered Species line or any of our products, please email us at any time through our Contact Us page or check back regularly for more details on our release dates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ‘Winged Warrior’ – Monarch Butterfly. Please see more details regarding the special donation to the Ontario Nature Organization.


Support Through Art ~ Be Part of the Movement ~ For The Love Of All Things Nature...

Endangered Species Karner Flight into Darkness

~ Into The Darkness Series ~
‘Flight Into Darkness’
Karner Blue Butterfly
Extirpated in Ontario

Monarch Butterfly Endangered Species

~ Disquieting Darkness Series ~
‘Winged Warrior’

Monarch Butterfly
Special Concern in Ontario

~ On The Edge of Darkness Series ~
‘Within The Darkened Forest’
Jefferson Salamander & Mount Nemo Endangered in Ontario

endangered species beluga whales

~ Disquieting Darkness Series ~
‘Fractured North’

Beluga Whale & Melting Ice
Beluga Special Concern in Ontario


Clubtail Dragonfly endangered species

~ On The Edge of Darkness Series ~
‘On Fragile Wings’

Laura’s Clubtail Dragonfly
Endangered in Ontario


Drooping Trillium Endangered Species

~ On The Edge of Darkness Series ~
‘Ethereal Beauty’

Drooping Trillium
Endangered in Ontario

Endangered Species Five-Lined Skink

~ On The Edge of Darkness Series ~

Five-Lined Skink & Shumard Oak
Skink – Endangered / Shumard – Special Concern