Endangered Species

The ‘Darkness’ Series…

Painting For Our Valued Canadian Wildlife

This unique series is designed to bring awareness to the ever constant threat that faces our beautiful wildlife and natural world. Sadly, this is often due to the pressures of humankind.

While each work of art in this series is unique in of itself, the recurring theme can be clearly seen and understood. With every subject possible, these beautiful yet vulnerable creatures are either moving toward or are being surrounded by the ‘Darkness’. However, all portrayed take a moment to look back at the viewer with one simple yet haunting question… Why?

Art in Progress Monarch Butterfly

Shades of Darkness


In keeping with the objective of the Endangered Species art line, the following information provides a concise explanation of the terminology used for endangered species and is noted in each section.

‘Darkness’ titles that I have created were done so to reflect the gravity of the situation while offering a bold, unique and stylistic approach to
these very issues. Each subject has been purposefully chosen to highlight its beauty in full realism. In certain paintings the background for the intended subject(s) has been painted with deliberate boldness and purpose while portraying somewhat exaggerated and edgy realism, daringly demonstrating the fragility of the subject and setting. Other paintings in this series have a background of dark, haunting, abstract beauty resolutely designed to enhance the subject(s).

To know the reason for these paintings is to understand their meaning. To understand their meaning is to know that action must be taken swiftly and without question or hesitation. Our precious flora and fauna deserve no less than our greatest attention.

NOTE: A portion of the net proceeds will be donated to my chosen Canadian organizations that assist with the preservation efforts of our beautiful Endangered Species, Species At Risk, vulnerable lands, forests, wetlands, rivers, lakes and much more. Thank you to all who choose to order products from my Endangered Species Series.

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Artscapes By Sherry ~

Shades of Darkness…

‘Into The Darkness’…

The beauty of these magnificent creatures and flora sadly, no longer grace wild Ontario. We must never lose sight of what we have lost.

‘On the Edge of Darkness’…

From the tiniest insect to the most powerful mammals – in wild Ontario creatures and plants sit on the brink.

‘Shadows Of Darkness’…

While not yet on the edge, songbirds, water birds, fishes, mammals, plants and more – this vulnerable flora and fauna survives precariously in wild Ontario.

‘Disquieting Darkness’…

While still maintaining a reasonable presence in the wilds of Ontario, the threat of further damage is ever present. Exposed to additional threats, this special concern group are susceptible to more damage.

‘Out Of The Darkness’…Visions of Hope

In a perfect wild Ontario, all creatures and plant life – great and small – would always be free to live, roam and thrive. Let us bring light to our wildlife and nature.

Ontario Endangered Species ~

Categories & Explanations


The species lives somewhere in the world and at one time lived in the wild in Ontario, but no longer lives in the wild in Ontario.


The species lives in the wild in Ontario but is facing imminent extinction or extirpation.


The species lives in the wild in Ontario, is not endangered, but is likely to become endangered if steps are not taken to address factors threatening it.

Special Concern:

The species lives in the wild in Ontario, is not endangered or threatened, but may become threatened or endangered due to a combination of biological characteristics & identified threats.


The process of restoring endangered and threatened species to the point where they no longer require the safeguards of the Endangered Species Act.