According to a report released by the United Nations, up to one million species could face extinction in the near future due to human influence on the natural world.

A global assessment compiled by hundreds of scientists found that humans are inflicting staggering damage on the world’s biodiversity.

Nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history and the rate of species extinctions is accelerating. All in all, human action has “significantly altered” about 75 percent of the world’s land environment and 66 percent of its marine environment, according to the report.
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To that… Life flourishes on this planet thanks to the sun’s bounty and vast waters of oceans and lakes, bringing two very important aspects to any eco-system – Plant life (Flora) and Animal life (Fauna)

Humankind has been granted this planet to love, cherish and protect. However, those who have chosen to willfully exploit, abuse and destroy, inevitably disregard nature; animal kingdoms; land; water or air. Given the severity of the situation looming before us, perhaps we could ask – ‘What can we do to change this course?

On a personal note, while supporting conservation organizations, I also hope that, through my art, I might shine a light on these important issues.

And so…I am pleased to present my newest line of products – Artscapes By Sherry ~ Endangered Species…

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~ Artscapes Endangered Species ~

Shades of Darkness

While this series, in its own haunting way, casts shadows on the ongoing perils of Nature, it also shines with brightness and hope for the future of these magnificent creatures and our beautiful planet earth.

Take a journey through Canada ~ Hear Nature’s plea ~ Experience the ever-changing life in the wild. Discover the Flora and Fauna that once graced our country, as well as the many other species that continue to struggle for survival every day. Our Canadian Wildlife ~ A Defining Moment In Nature…

I am pleased to present ~ Artscapes Endangered Species and Species At Risk Series ~ Shades of Darkness… 
Let this unique series of all Nature great and small bring light to the darkness



Sadly, at present, there are over 200 species on the Ontario Species at Risk List. These include Songbirds; Raptors; Mammals; Amphibians; Reptiles; Insects; Fish; Molluscs; Plants; Lichens and Mosses. There are four categories that ‘At Risk’ species fall under within the Act. These range from Special Concern; Threatened; Endangered and finally Extirpated. (See further explanation in Products For Sale)

While some species are at serious risk, there have been reports that in the vicinity of thirty mammals, birds, reptiles and fish that used to live in Canada, no longer do so. That clearly implies that these species have become extinct in our country. If factual, this is and should always be truly unacceptable.

‘Shades of Darkness’ Art Series is designed to bring a ‘bold’ awareness to each of these categories.