Actual Title Of Each Work Of Art Will Be Released Upon Completion

Endangered Species:

Our Canadian Wildlife Series ~ ‘Darkness’                                                                                                     …A Defining Moment In Nature

• Jefferson Salamander & Mount Nemo Escarpment – ‘Within The Darkened Forest’ –     AVAILABLE NOW
• Karner Blue Butterfly & Wild Lupines – ‘Into The Darkness’ – AVAILABLE NOW
• Drooping Trillium – ‘Ethereal Beauty’ – AVAILABLE NOW
• Beluga Whale & Ice Floats • Laura’s Clubtail Dragonfly
• Five Lined Skink & Shumard Oak • Algonquin Wolf
• Flowering Dogwood

Art in Progress Monarch Butterfly

For The Love Of All Of
Our Fragile Species At Risk…

Trillium Painting art in progress


From a Selection of Nature’s Beautiful Creatures

• ’Cardinals on Pine’
• ’House Finches on Crabapple’

     The Hunter – The Hunted Series:

• ‘Winter Watch’ (Completed-Original NFS)
• ‘Searching’
• ‘Shadow in the Trees

For The Beauty Of All That
Mother Nature Brings…

Art in Progress Male and Female Cardinals


Where Photography & Art Come Together In Dramatic Form

• ‘Gerbera in Vase’ – On Fine Art Paper
• ‘Chrysanthemum’ – On Fine Art Paper
• ‘Beach Driftwood’ – On Fine Art Paper
• ‘Coneflowers & Sea Holly’ – On Canvas

      Custom ArtFusion:

• ‘Child & Dog’ – On Fine Art Paper (Private Custom NFS)
• ‘Hockey Dreams’ – On Fine Art Paper (Private Custom NFS)

For The Drama That Unfolds
Beyond Black & White…

Painting of Chrysanthemum in progress

Check Back Soon For Completion & Availability Dates