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From the Artist…

I am pleased to provide a few letters, notes and comments from clients; show attendees; article readership and editors


Hi Sherry,

(As a follow up to when we spoke) I am sorry for talking about how the
painting made me feel without mentioning that it was your skills, your
hands and heart that crafted this masterpiece.

The more I looked, I found myself being drawn into the snowy image.
This time I saw the light and shadows, the softness of the greys. You
captured the stillness and the majesty of the snowy white owl with its
intricate details. I heard the silence.

I will always cherish this precious gem.

Thank you with all my heart,

Show Attendees Comments

Regarding my vignette-style paintings:

‘I just wanted you to know that your paintings allow the observer to look past
all of the normal clutter in a painting and just focus on the true subject.

Thank you for your honesty.’

Regarding my wildlife & nature paintings:

‘Your bird images are so beautiful. Are you the photographer?’

(I advised that all works at the show were reproductions of my paintings, not photographs)
Her follow up comment –

‘They look so real. I thought they were photographs.’

Regarding my nature paintings:

‘Your birch tree trunk looks so realistic. How, on just a flat surface, are you
able to get that effect and create the sense that the trunk is actually round?’

Public Figures/Environmental Activists

Regarding my Endangered Species ‘Darkness’ Series:

Dear Ms. Hayes,

Thank you for your card and information about your series. We are all interconnected and we all have to try in our own way and through our own expertise to make a difference. Thank you for being a part of a movement to find a different relationship with Nature founded on love, respect, gratitude and responsibility.

David Suzuki


Regarding Dr. Suzuki’s letter in reference to my Endangered Species ‘Darkness’ Series:

Hi Sherry

For most of my life, David Suzuki has been the authority on nature. I used to watch his shows and marvel at his understanding and his ability to explain complicated relationships in nature. This was at a time in my life when I was supporting Greenpeace and The World Wildlife Federation and he was a confirming voice.

Doug H.

Article Readership & Editor Comments

Regarding my Endangered Species ‘Darkness’ Series & Art Donation - Ontario Nature Magazine, On-Line Blog Article:


This article points out some interesting facts that show how quickly things have started to decline. A worthy cause to support by this artist.

Mary W

What a wonderful article. We have noticed a very big drop in our birds and our wildlife in the past few years. There is a definite need for something to be done. Hopefully it’s not too late.

                                                                                                                     Lenore J

A very educational article Sherry. Hopefully the public will become more aware of the dangers and loss of our wildlife and reach out before it is too late. Articles such as yours are desperately needed.

                                                                                                                        Barbara U

Great article Sherry. Nice to know about your picture donations. Being lovers of nature ourselves, we too are supportive of efforts to protect it, especially as we are also seeing a definite decline in the wildlife in our area in the last year.

Jo-Anne H

Great Article Sherry. We need to bring as much awareness to the public in regards to what’s happening to the world around us and nature, hopefully this will help.


Great article Sherry, very informative and educational.                                                                                          Maryann P

I run by that neighbourhood… I did not know what was there before… everything comes at a cost. I admire what you’re doing.                                                                                                                                                                      Sarah S             

Excellent and timely article Sherry. I also am very concerned with urban sprawl and the effects on our wetlands, meadows, forests, lakes etc. I hope we can save our precious eco system

Joanne Z

We need to keep pounding this message into the heads of our politicians at all levels. Too often they take the side of the developers who are only interested in profit and care not for the natural world that sustains us all.

Tom L

A very enlightening article! And how true it is that we tend to overlook the beauty and diversity of nature in our own backyards. As with climate change, the protection of our local natural environment should be an election issue for us all! Thank you for your contribution Sherry.

Wendy C

Wonderful article Sherry- your insight and message is needed now more than ever. The destruction of the habitat in Stoney Creek by the lake is shameful – to approve high density housing in a small area where wildlife used to thrive must stop.

Mike C


Thanks everyone for your comments, and Sherry for her support to the cause and talent.

~ John H, Editor, Ontario Nature Magazine

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