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Endangered Species Special Donation Information

From the Artist…
“In a quest to help Ontario’s Endangered Species and Spaces, a portion of the net proceeds of the original painting; giclee prints and note cards from ‘Within The Darkened Forest’ line will be donated to CORE Burlington and PERL Organizations for their outstanding efforts with necessary studies and in the preservation of our natural areas and the Jefferson Salamander in the Mount Nemo area. Thank you to all who Support Nature Through Art with your purchase of items from my ‘Within The Darkened Forest’ line

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Artscapes By Sherry~ Painting For The Cause … Protecting Mount Nemo & The Jefferson Salamander

With the Love for All Things Nature ~ I am pleased to work with:

Thank you, Sherry, for your support of Mount Nemo! We are very grateful that you have selected our fight to protect Mt Nemo and for your very generous “art-based donation”.

Gord Pinard
President – CORE Burlington
Hello Sherry,

We look forward to working with you.
Your artwork is beautiful!

Mary-Ann Welland
Fundraising Volunteer –
CORE Burlington


The Mount Nemo plateau is a special ecological and cultural place, as are so many in Ontario and Canada.

We are truly blessed to have much in the way of natural resources.

Thank you for your thoughts and your commitment to a vibrant natural world.

Your artwork is beautiful.

PERL Burlington


Thank you for contributing to the protection of Burlington’s Niagara Escarpment.

Much appreciated.

About CORE; PERL; Sarah & Artscapes By Sherry…

CORE: A non-profit organization of volunteers with a Mission to preserve the ecological integrity of rural Burlington, and to advocate for healthier communities by protecting our land, air and water.

PERL: A non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to the preservation of the ecological and social makeup of the Niagara Escarpment and Mount Nemo area with concerns for the precious Escarpment water, prime farmlands and wildlife including the endangered Jefferson Salamander.

ARTSCAPES BY SHERRY & THE ARTIST: Having grown up near this area on multiple acres of forested wetlands teeming with wildlife, I clearly understand both the importance of and crucial need of every element within this delicate system. All must be protected from harm.

I am pleased to join this important fight to save this precious land and its fragile creatures including the endangered Jefferson. Through my art that is dedicated to this cause, I hope to help make a difference.

CORE, PERL, Sarah & Sherry all take a strong stand against the destruction and damage being brought upon this beautiful, ancient and vital ecosystem that is so precious. The Mount Nemo plateau is the fountainhead for dozens of creeks and streams, including Bronte Creek and Grindstone Creek. All worth protecting.

A Word From Sarah…

“The old growth forests that are home to Jefferson salamanders on Mount Nemo have developed over centuries into rich and diverse places that hold incredibly complex layers of life. These forests generate the oxygen we breathe and soak up the carbon we emit.

They are not only akey part of our lifesupport system but home to rare andendangered species
found in few other places in
We need to protect these
places as iflife depends on it,
because it does.”

Sarah Harmer

Sarah Harmer with some local farmlands and the Burlington’s Niagara Escarpment in background


Products For Sale: Shades Of Darkness Series: 'On The Edge Of Darkness’ ~ Endangered

Within The Darkened Forest’

The small, shadowy creature clings precariously to the craggy boulder, resting cautiously, ever wary of the constant danger that threatens his home in the ancient forest. Fragile, vulnerable, his damp lustre no longer. Almost ghostly in the darkness, he moves toward others in the distance but pauses for the briefest moment to look back at those watching as if to plead – Why?

Powerful. Engaging. Haunting. And designed to draw attention this vulnerable Species At Risk …

Jefferson Salamander…

The Jefferson salamander lives in deciduous forests. Its range extends across parts of the northeastern U.S. In Canada, it is found only in southern Ontario, mainly along the Niagara Escarpment. This species requires intact deciduous forests with an undisturbed forest floor. These salamanders also need unpolluted breeding ponds that do not dry up in the summer. Habitat loss and degradation caused by urban development, draining of wetlands, climate change and some resource extraction activities are the cause of decline in salamander numbers in southern Ontario. Sadly, the Jefferson is classified as Endangered in Ontario. – This, we must change.

Item Information:

Original Painting: Acrylic on Cradled Canvas

Size: 24″ x 30″
The Original painting is Hand Signed by the Artist and accompanied with a Description; Artist Statement and Certificate of Authenticity. Comes complete with black float frame, ready to hang. Instructions: Keep out of direct sunlight. Dust very gently with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.
Please note: The original is in a special promotion program. Details are in development.

Artscapes By Sherry Giclee Limited Edition & Prints:

Printed on artist quality, sustainable fine art paper and comes with a small white border, making your print easy to mat and frame under glass. As with all indoor art, please avoid placing your reproduction in direct sunlight.


Limited Edition: ONLY 50 produced. Each Limited Edition giclee print is hand-numbered and hand-signed by the artist and comes with a description and Certificate of Authenticity

Sizes:  Dimensions indicated below are approximate and include the additional size of the surrounding white border and title block.
18” x 24” – $387.00

Open Editions: There are currently two sizes available in unlimited/open editions. Open editions do not come with hand signature or number.

Sizes Available: Dimensions indicated below are approximate and include the surrounding white border and title block.

11” x 14” – $155.00
16” x 20” – $278.00

Also Available: This petite giclee print is an open edition and is designed for smaller wall spaces.
This specially priced print does not include an exposed white border or title block.

Size Information: Fits an 11”x14” mat with an opening of 7.5” x9.5”. (Standard pre-cut mat sizing) Mount in an 11”x14” glassed frame.

8”x10” – $59.00


SUPPORTER CERTIFICATES: Designed by the artist, this special certificate has been created to highlight the Niagara Escarpment and tell the ‘story’ of the Jefferson Salamander. Show everyone that you are a staunch supporter of the efforts to protect and preserve this precious, endangered amphibian in southern Ontario. Proudly display this certificate in your home or office.

Size Information: Fits an 8”x10” mat with an opening of 4.75” x6.75”. (Standard pre-cut mat sizing) Mount in an 8”x10” glassed frame.

5”x7” – $25.00

BOOKMARKS: Designed by the artist, these special bookmarks come complete with inspirational words. The artist has created six different images from the ‘Within The Darkened Forest’ original painting and chosen her own special phrases that evoke mindful thinking, reflection and peace. Bookmarks are produced on artist quality, professional fine art paper.

As shown – $35.00

Note Cards: Designed by the artist, there are two size options to choose from with both sizes representing various areas of the original painting. All note cards provide the story behind the painting and subject(s) as well as information about the artist.

Each note card has been individually hand-signed by the artist on the back of the card.

Note cards come with individual white envelopes. Card sets are protected inside a 100% 2 mil archival-safe, acid-free clear sleeve.

Small Cards: Five different images.

Size: 4.25” x 5.5” – Dimensions indicated are oriented either vertical or horizontal as shown.
All note cards have squared corners. Some images have rounded corners for additional interest.

Set of 5 – $45.00
2 Sets of 5 – $86.00

Large Cards: Three different images.

Size: 5.5” x 8.5” – Dimensions indicated are oriented vertically only as shown.
All note cards have squared corners.

Set of 3 – $45.00
2 Sets of 3 – $86.00

Please Note: The watermark within all images is for website purposes only and does not appear on reproduction prints or note cards

NOTE: Shipping & handling is included in all pricing above.
ALSO: Additional shipping and taxes may apply to regions outside the province of Ontario

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