ArtFusion Originals

ArtFusion originals are created on artist quality professional fine art paper. Printed with a white border (not shown) to allow appropriate space for easy matting and framing. All originals are hand-signed by the artist.

The colour photos in the upper right corner of each ArtFusion painting are the original subjects which the artist graphically enhances and prints (as noted above). The artist then chooses the elements to paint.

NOTE: ALL ArtFusion originals & commissioned works MUST be framed in Shadow Boxes or placed under a minimum of double matting to maintain required distance and space between the acrylic paint and glass.

Chrysanthemum art fusion original

‘Pink Beauty’
Chrysanthemum Highlighted

Art Fusion Original Gerbera

‘Slender Elegance’
Gerbera in Tall Vase


Art Fusion Original Hydrangea

‘Autumn Garden’
Hydrangea~Hakone Grass~Coral Bells

Fall 2022

Art Fusion Original Bumble Bee

‘Nature’s Little Wonder’
Bumble Bee

Fall 2022

Driftwood on Beach Art Fusion Original

‘Driftwood on the Beach’
Lake Ontario – Stoney Creek

Fall 2022

’Crimson Beauty’
Cardinal Male in Cedar

Fall 2022

Art Fusion Original Spring Crabapple Tree

‘Cascade of Blooms’
Spring Crabapple Blossoms

Fall 2022

Cone Flower and Sea Holly Artfusion Original

‘Simple Elegance’
Coneflower & Sea Holly On CANVAS


ArtFusion Original Gliding Pelican

Pelican in Florida

Fall 2022

See Below For ArtFusion Commissioned/Custom Orders

ArtFusion Custom Commissioned works are designed in unique fashion with a graphically enhanced black & white image with painted accents to highlight and capture a personal moment; person; pet; place or event.

ArtFusion Memories are created in honour of a lost loved one. Whether person or pet, colour accents are delicately selected to portray the spirit of your loved one in this special one-of-a-kind memorial piece.

All ArtFusion Originals are designed in a unique and stylistic fashion. Beginning with the client’s chosen photo, the artist has developed a multi-step process that when completed, creates a unique original ‘Photo-Painting that is one-of-a-kind and created exclusively for each client.

Sizes range from 5”x7” to 12”x16” which includes the white border. All originals are hand-signed by the artist.

NOTE: ALL ArtFusion works MUST BE framed in Shadow Boxes or placed under a minimum of double matting to maintain required distance and space between the acrylic paint and glass.

Important Information Regarding Custom ArtFusion Orders:

To determine if your custom order can be fulfilled, several clear, crisp photos must be provided to the artist. A signed release from the photographer and the subject (if person(s) providing permission to use and reproduce is mandatory to proceed.

Any photos that have been produced by professional photographers must also include a signed permission release from the photographer for subsequent usage and reproduction. Once received, photos will be reviewed to establish the feasibility for the ArtFusion technique. Please Note: Not all photos are suitable/usable.

To Enquire About Ordering Your Own ArtFusion Commissioned Original, Please Use Our Contact Page

ArtFusion Custom Artwork