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by Sherry / January 18, 2022 / ART, The Artist

It is with great pleasure that I begin my art blog. I look forward to providing many years of exciting new information regarding my art adventures as well as offering other ‘Brushstrokes’ ideas and ‘Musings’. I hope to share how to paint wildlife from my perspective and reasoning. And – why I pursue art, simply for the love of it.

As a Canadian wildlife artist, (in part) I revel in the beauty this country has to offer. Like the melodious calls of songbirds. It is such a joy to experience when one is fortunate enough to be within ears reach. To watch them flitting from flower to flower searching for sustenance – that captures Nature at its best. In my artist’s mind, correctly placed splashes of colour bring Wildbirds to life on canvas.

Beyond wildlife paintings, I have also chosen to develop other artistic painting styles which I find enjoyable and uplifting. For example – To witness the heartwarming innocence of a child during an encounter with a loving pet is a magical moment worth capturing in unique art form through an artist’s brush.
Below are two of my acrylic paintings on canvas – Hummingbird & Woodpeckers Vignettes

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While I have painted intermittently throughout my life, the past few years have brought a greater urgency to place brush to canvas. Wildlife and Nature has always been of great interest to me. However, as I witness the challenges that face fragile flora and fauna, now seems to be the right time to explore this issue.

As we observe the serious concerns regarding Endangered Species there comes a moment in time when the need to speak out takes precedence over other matters. For myself, when relating to Species at Risk, this is that moment in time.

Notably, my art does not just focus on darker issues. There is too much beauty in life and living. Whether painting with acrylics or other mediums on canvas, paper or board – it allows me the privilege of capturing the magnificence of all life. I find great pleasure in seeing the expression of delight in both clients and viewers of my art.

From Wildlife, Endangered Species, People, Pets and more – whether Originals, Reproductions, Photo-Painting or Greeting Cards, please enjoy everything that is Artscapes By